Thursday, July 19, 2007

This crazy summer...

These last couple weeks have been crazy! After we got back from Las Vegas, Austin started swim lessons. Sadly, Brendan was on the wait list and didn't get in, so he and I just have to sit for a half an hour every day staring longingly at the pool. He's been pretty good about it, but it's still sad. By the time we finish lessons, play at the park and run errands it's lunch and nap time. I am just exhausted.

Saturday we are leaving to go up to Idaho, so things are pretty crazy trying to get things cleaned and packed. We decided to go camping for part of the time we're up there, so we need to pack our regular stuff, camping stuff, toys and of course scrapping stuff. Good thing we bought the van! I just hope the boys will be good on the drive. We're going to try and do all 14 hours in one day. Pray that we get there safely and still sane :)

I can't wait to get up there. My mom and I have big plans for scrapping and manicures (shhh don't tell Mike!). They just opened an Archivers up there in Boise, so that's definitely on my list. As for Mike and I, we have plans for a few date nights while Grandma has the kiddos. Seeing Harry Potter is definitely on that list. Oh and of course reading it. My copy is being sent to my mom's house, but I'm seriously thinking of going to get a second copy at midnight tomorrow night so I can have it for the drive--LOL!

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