Friday, June 29, 2007

Hiatus from creating

Geez, Mike's been gone all week and you'd think I'd have been creating up a storm, but I've made hardly anything in the last week. I can't even blame it on the kids (not completely anyway) because they've been going to bed early and I have not. Part of the problem is this darn computer. Does anyone else feel like you would get so much more done if you just turned the blasted thing off?! Then I got a bunch of new books from the library, so I've had my nose in a book all week :)

Anyway, I did get together with a friend earlier this week and worked on some pages for my August scrapbook workshop. I'm waiting to get pictures back to put on them and then I'll post. They are yummy! I'm hoping to play with some card ideas today. Time to get off of here and see about getting something done.

Well as the summer heats up, I'll leave you with this picture we took two weeks ago to the beach--the boys had a blast and it was a perfect day. This pic is my current background on the computer because it just makes me happy and relaxed.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Disney Album

Here's a couple of pages I've finished from our last trip to Disney. The papers are all CTMH Giggles and Grins--love the colors and that my album is actually all coordinated. Also loving my Cricut Mickey Font--the characters and letters are so much fun! The Dumbo page is all Brendan. He was so excited to go on "mumbo flying" and cried the whole time. Then he wanted to go back on--silly boy. Ever since the trip, he gets excited every time he sees the pictures and says "Mumbo Crying!" The stickers ended up on the page because he grabbed them in the LSS and wouldn't let go :)
I'm hoping to have some time this week to finish the album, but that may just be wishful thinking. I'm trying to get the boys out and about in the mornings so they aren't cooped up in the house--maybe that means they'll enjoy "restful" afternoons and Mommy can scrap :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chalk Popping

Last night I taught a class on chalk popping. It's a super easy technique. Stamp an image with Versamark, rub on the chalk and voila--the image "pops" out. We also used White Daisy on black for a fun chalkboard look

Wall Art

We've been working on the hallway. Painted it bamboo and now I've been working on scrapping it. This has been so much fun! The pictures aren't great (hard to take pics in a hallway, but you get the idea)

Layout contest

Well, I entered our LSS Layout contest. It was quite a challenge. You could only use what was in the kit and a little ink. Tough, but I love the way it turned out. I'm going to add it to my hallway collection when I get it back.
If you are anywhere Scrapbook BLVD and want to go vote, feel free :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Card

I made this for Mike using CTMH's True Fit Folio. It's 12x12 and opens to 12x24.

Finally got around to it

Here I am with my own blog. I've been meaning to do it--have said I'm going to do it; have been reading everyone else's; wasn't sure what I wanted to do with mine, but I finally set mine up :) I guess it boils down to the fact that I need to be working on my husband's birthday card and wrap his presents (his birthday's TODAY), so I'm doing this instead--heehee! So welcome everyone...