Thursday, July 30, 2009

D.C.--Days 2-5

Again, let me start off by saying, that if you are here for artwork, there won't be any for a while. Just a journal of our trip. Sorry.

Sadly, I have no more pictures to post because the rest of the pics are on my other camera. I forgot the cord to connect it to my computer, and I don't have a card reader for that particular card. I may have to pick one up.

With all the riding we've done, the boys are now experts at riding the Metro, and all of us feel like our feet are going to fall off :)

Day 2--We went to the #1 place on the kids list of things they want to do--The Air and Space Museum. We had a great time, even with the walking detour thanks to me being directionally challenged. There was a lot to see and do. Afterward, the boys made a mess with a couple of Sponge Bob Popsicles.

For dinner, we took the train up a stop and ate at Cheesecake Factory. I didn't want to eat somewhere we could have at home, but the cheesecake was calling my name. I can't resist cheesecake. For the second night in a row, Brendan fell asleep in the restaurant.

Day 3--Highlight--the National Aquarium. Boys loved all the fish and sea creatures. On the way back, we tried to go to the White House. We got sent back because all roads were blocked. I was thinking that maybe the motorcade was going to come through since people were waiting with cameras, but the boys wouldn't wait. They were too hot and tired. We headed back to the hotel to swim instead.

When Mike got back, we headed out to Pentagon City for dinner. Last time we were here the huge mall there had a wonderful Discovery Channel store and a Ruby Tuesdays. The mall was still there, but the two places we wanted were not. We ended up crossing the street and going to California Pizza Kitchen--yummy!

Day 4--
We went to the National Zoo today. We picked the perfect day. It's been in the 90's, but this day was only around 80. It was really muggy, but at least not too hot. The pandas were a definite highlight, as well as a presentation about Kiwis where we got to see a Kiwi up close and personal. Brendan had a tough time. The walking is really starting to wear on him. But he is at that age where even suggesting a stroller send him into a tantrum. We limped along, with lots of rests, and managed to spend 4 hours at the zoo. We came back to the hotel and the boys drove me nuts!! We couldn't go swimming because it was raining. They were fighting and whining. By the time Mike was home, I was ready to ship them back on a plane to Grandma!!

We decided to stay in Bethesda for dinner. We must have walked past 15 restaurants the boys vetoed. Then Austin decided since he was holding my hand, he was going to cross the street with his eyes closed. Needless to say, he tripped over the curb and cut open his toe--fun! I told him if you want to do something that silly, at least tell someone so they can warn you of the upcoming curb--LOL! We finally ended up in a neighboring hotel restaurant, that let's just say was WAYYYY overpriced! We came back and crashed.

Which brings us to today. We are switching hotels today. Mike's work only paid through today, and this hotel is full for the weekend. That means we are only here until 2:00, then when Mike gets back, we'll switch. The boys and I are going to relax here for a while, then maybe see a movie.

Greetings from D.C.--Day 1

Hello all, thought I would check in with some trip details. I am loving having my laptop along for the ride. If you are here for the artwork, feel free to stop reading here. I'm going to give more details than you probably care for, but hey, how else will I remember everything for my scrapbooks later?!

July 26--waaaayyyyy too early in the morning we began our trip. Our flight left at 5:30 am--yikes! We were running a little late,so we didn't set foot in the airport until 4:40. Still thought it would be plenty of time. However, the security line was slow. We made it through and the boys had to go the the restroom. As they are in there, they announce final boarding call for our flight--still several gates down. We ran for the plane--no easy task with all our bags. Then of course, we were all sitting separately. Luckily, some wonderful people switched with us so we could sit together (at least 2 and 2). Brendan was a little scared on the first leg. The second flight, we all four sat together and the boys did great. They were a little loud toward the end, but that's to be expected.

Then the real adventure began. We decided to just take the Metro to our hotel. I didn't take any photos, so I'll just have to set the scene for you: two adults, a 7 year old, a four year old and 7 bags and two car seats. We had to take a shuttle bus, then two different trains, and a walk to the hotel. Add that to the fact that we hadn't eaten since 3:30 in the morning. To say that I was a little snippy by the end is an understatement! We will definitely be taking the rental car to the airport on the other end of our trip!

Once we checked in and ate, we decided to check out some sights. We walked down to the National Mall. We walked to the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial. It was a long walk, and dark by the time we headed back. The boys (and Mike and I) were exhausted. We tried to look for a grocery store to stock up, but pooped out and had ice cream for a late dinner/snack instead :)

One more note, or rather a rant. What I saw at the WWII Memorial disgusted me. This is a memorial for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. A memorial for those who fought, and those that stayed at home and supported the war. There are signs everywhere saying: out of respect please stay out of the pools. Yet everywhere we looked, there were people with their shoes off and their feet in the water. Ugh! They should be ashamed! Anyway, that in a nutshell, was day 1. More to come.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beach Layout and Cards

For this layout, I copied CTMH's Workshop on the Go pages using Moon Doggie papers and Stickease. Easy and fun :) These were more pictures from our California trip. Trying to scrap the last trip before I have a million pictures from the next one.

For the cards, all supplies are CTMH: Tinkerin' papers and stickease, August Stamp of the Month, Happy Birthday stamp set, and Sassy Strands. The card pattern is from Wishes.
While staying at my friend Shawna's house in CA, we got hooked on Rock Band. I finally broke down and bought it earlier this week. Big mistake!! Mike and I have stayed up way too late every night "touring" with our band--LOL! The boys are enjoying it too, as you can see. Our typical set up is Mike on drums, me on guitar, and Austin singing. Brendan sometimes plays drums, but gets bored easily. I'm just anxiously awaiting the Beatles Rock Band due out in September.

East Coast Trip

In a few minutes I'll post a couple pics of some things I've been working on. It will probably be my last artwork post for a while. We are headed to Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania for two weeks. We are so excited. Mike has training in D.C. so the boys and I are tagging along. We are planning to go to the Smithsonian, Capital, White House, National Zoo, and lots of other sites. Then on August 1st, my sister is getting us into the Paul McCartney concert. I am so excited!! I am a HUGE Beatles fan, so this is heaven for me :) After that, we're headed to Pennsylvania to visit my aunt and uncle. Their kiddos are close to the same ages as my boys. We're all going to go up to Hershey Park. This whole trip should be tons of fun!

Here's a video from Paul McCartney concert at Citifield . Billy Joel performed with him. Little trivia for you. Paul performed with Billy Joel at the LAST concert ever at Shea Stadium. Billy Joel returned the favor for the FIRST concert at Citifield. My sister worked both shows--lucky girl!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boating Layout

While we were visiting California, my Grandpa took us all out in his boat. We cruised around Long Beach Harbor, looking at all the oil tankers, boats, and sea life. We also cruised in close to the Queen Mary. It was a great day, and the boys absolutely loved it!

I used CTMH Majestic Blue papers, New Horizons stamps, Journey Journaling Spots, and Alphalicious Cricut cartridge.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Memory Box/Card Holder

I finished one more card box. This one, as you can see, holds Christmas cards. I used CTMH Evensong papers, rub-ons, ribbon, and a family Christmas card picture of us (yes it's a couple years old, but the only one with the four of us).
And here's what my card boxes look like on the shelf. I love the look and how neat and organized they are.

I have two layouts finished, and one almost done. I'll wait to post them though because I need to go see about dinner. It's 7:20 already and we haven't eaten. Summer is so tough when it stays light out until almost 11:00. We don't eat until late, and go to bed even later than normal. Fine for the boys and I. Poor Mike is always getting to bed so late and having to get up and go to work.

Thanks for stopping by, even when my posts are erratic at best :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Memory Keeper Box/Card Holder

I finally opened up my Tickled Pink kit and got some use out of it. I made one of the layouts, but I don't have pictures yet, so I'll hold off posting it. As I've stated before, I'm working on organizing my card stash, and I'm slowly putting together Memory Keeper boxes to hold my various cards. This one is to hold Thank You cards. The picture is old, but one of my favorites. Plus the colors match perfectly. I originally had White Daisy Textured cardstock there with rub-ons, but it was too distracting with all the flowers, so I opted for a photo instead.
Now I want to make one more for Christmas cards, and I think I'll be good to go for a while. To see my Birthday and Thinking of You boxes, click here