Friday, July 24, 2009

East Coast Trip

In a few minutes I'll post a couple pics of some things I've been working on. It will probably be my last artwork post for a while. We are headed to Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania for two weeks. We are so excited. Mike has training in D.C. so the boys and I are tagging along. We are planning to go to the Smithsonian, Capital, White House, National Zoo, and lots of other sites. Then on August 1st, my sister is getting us into the Paul McCartney concert. I am so excited!! I am a HUGE Beatles fan, so this is heaven for me :) After that, we're headed to Pennsylvania to visit my aunt and uncle. Their kiddos are close to the same ages as my boys. We're all going to go up to Hershey Park. This whole trip should be tons of fun!

Here's a video from Paul McCartney concert at Citifield . Billy Joel performed with him. Little trivia for you. Paul performed with Billy Joel at the LAST concert ever at Shea Stadium. Billy Joel returned the favor for the FIRST concert at Citifield. My sister worked both shows--lucky girl!!

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