Friday, April 1, 2011

Oregon Coast Trip

I know I've been MIA for a while on here. March has been a bad month for posting! Made it through the end of the quarter at school. Then I spent time getting ready for spring break. We've been in Oregon since last Saturday. We spent Saturday through Thursday in Rockaway Beach on the coast. Then Thursday we drove to Portland. We made it home late last night. Now it will be a day of laundry and getting ready to go back to work and school tomorrow. For those looking for artwork, bear with me. I'll be posting quite a bit this week. In the meantime, here are some highlights from our trip. We rented this fabulous condo on the beach in Rockaway Beach. This was the view out our huge front windows. Unfortunately, it rained 90% of the trip, so our adventures out onto the beach were pretty short, but we still managed to come home with a whole bag of sand dollars and shells. Though we did get out and explore, we spent a lot of time inside. We watched Star Wars (the boys conveniently forgot all the Harry Potter movies, but remembered Star Wars), put together puzzles and we taught the boys how to play Monopoly. Brendan totally got into it. The little real estate tycoon cleaned everyone's clocks. Yes, that was how many $500 bills he had at the end. We drove down to Tillamook and went to the cheese factory. Squeaky cheese curds and ice cream, what could be better? We went to Seaside and explored the Prom there. We got to ride the bumper cars (I'm still feeling that adventure in my neck!). We also went to the aquarium. The boys got to feed the seals, as well as touch starfish and anemones. Austin found Patrick and Sponge Bob--sort of.

I had to include this sign because it made us laugh. Love the restrictions!

We also enjoyed great food on our trip. These were buckwheat pancakes with fresh boysenberry syrup. The only boysenberry syrup I've ever had was from Knott's. It was yummy!

I'll end with some shots from Cannon Beach on our last day on the coast. You can tell from the pictures exactly what the weather was like our whole trip.
Awww...memories of Goonies! I still have tons of photos to sort through, and I haven't even uploaded the ones from Portland yet. We had lots of fun there with my sister and her family. Plus, a great trip to OMSI, the science museum. I think this is enough fun to share for now.

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