Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Balloons Over Boise

Once again I've been AWOL for a while.  I apologize.  These last few weeks have been tough.  It's been quite an adjustment going back to school after relaxing all summer.  Trying to get into a routine again, keep up with all responsibilities, and having a puppy has been crazy :)  I can't believe it's already the fourth week of school!  It's flying by already.  Thursday is Back To School Night, and next week is already first quarter progress reports!  They just got our computer grade system up and running today, so I'll be very busy the next few days getting grades up and ready for Thursday.

I did want to share some photos I took at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Fest a couple weeks ago.  We got up and headed to the park at 6:00 am to see the launch.  It was amazing!  The boys loved it--we all want to go up in one now!  It was a beautiful morning :)

Boise State Balloon!

Plus, a couple of random shots!  THe sunrise on the way to school yesterday.

Phineas chillin' in the car.  What a cutie!  He's getting so big!  When we got him, he was 10 lbs.  On Sunday, he was up to 24 lbs.  

Please check back tomorrow--I'll have a couple fun layouts of the boys' back to school photos as part of the Sharing From The Heart Blog Hop!