Saturday, June 2, 2012

School's Out For Summer!!

I made it through another school year.  While I love my students and feel truly blessed to work where I do, I am ready for summer break!  I love not having a schedule and spending time with my boys!  Extra time to scrapbook and craft doesn't hurt either :)

I have lots of projects to share, and I'm going to try to find some time to share them, but our first three weeks of summer are going to be extremely busy.  Next week, we are headed to Alaska on a cruise.  I am beyond excited, as this is my first time ever going on a cruise.  It's taken me 13 years to convince Mike.  After six years in the Navy, he swore he'd never set foot on a ship again.  This trip was just too fun to pass up.  I'm looking forward to taking LOTS of photos to scrapbook when we get home!  Two days after we get back,  my grandparents arrive.  While I'm very excited for their visit, it means I need to spend this week getting the house cleaned and reorganized.

For now, I wanted to share these Dotty cards I made as gifts for my secret pal and Bren's teachers.  I love the bright colors of the papers, but soon realized I don't have very much card stock in those colors.  I guess I need to stock up :)  They aren't the greatest photos because I took them on my phone at midnight, when I finally finished them.  Most of them are ones I created after looking at hundreds of ideas.  The only one I totally scrap lifted was the first one.  I got the idea from this card by Tiffany Jackson.

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