Thursday, July 10, 2008

So tired

of looking at houses!! The first house our offer was rejected for being too low and they didn't even counter. Found another house that was GORGEOUS! Tile, granite, theater room, upgraded EVERYTHING, but NO BACKYARD. None, a few feet of grass and only a two car garage. We've been going back and forth, but decided not to put in an offer because we had to many questions about whether it would work. No storage space inside and with no space in the garage, I just don't know. To top it off, the people were not happy about leaving and took all the appliances, so we're looking at having to buy a dishwasher, stove/microwave, and fridge. Plus, it's a bank owned and our realtor told us that those are taking anywhere from 2 to 4 months. I really can't wait four months. She's going to talk to the realtor for the first house one more time and see if they're willing to move on the price at all. If not, we're back to square one. There are lots out there, but sadly most don't have big backyards, which is something we really, really want.

Our poor realtor deserves a medal for putting up with us. I would say she's spent close to 20 hours just looking at houses with us. Luckily ( or maybe not so lucky for her) she's also a family friend. She's been great at helping us look at all options and look at how each house would work for us instead of just pushing houses on us. However, I told her I am so ready to be done WORKING with her and go back to just enjoying her company--LOL! Seriously, I just want a house and to have all our stuff back.

Forgive my whining and complaining. We do have some fun things coming up. Next week we leave to head down to Utah for a family reunion. I can't wait. Then Mike told me this morning he has to go to Portland for work in the next few weeks. I think we're going to tag along and go see my sister and my new (ok 3 month old) nephew. That should be a lot of fun!

Here's a pic of the house--think good thoughts. That the owners will give it to us for the price we need!


Littlekel90 said...

Aww, Nicole, so sorry you are having a tough time finding something with a big backyard. I hope you soon find a home that definitely "fits" for your family. The picture of this one is very pretty. Hopefully the owners will give you a counteroffer or come down in price to help you decide. Take care. We miss you. :) Kel

Marcia said...

Nic, great looking house, hope it works out. We had had our hearts set on a house recently that had everything we wanted - but not one blade of grass in the backyard. We are glad we walked away rather than settling for no grass. We would have regretted it. I know it is hard, but the right house will come your way. Promise.

Til said...

Nic, so sorry the search hasn't been fun...I hope you guys find and get one really soon!

Lori said...

The house is beautiful. Just be patient. The right house will come along. Just remember that you will be in the house for a long time. So just hang in there.

sparkplug17 said...

This is so pretty! I really hope things work out for ya chica. I know its hard to be in limbo with everything. I hope you guys have a great weekend! I'm crossing my fingers for ya!

Shawna said...

I keep forgetting to check out your blog! WOW on the house. I pray you get it. Looks like there's enough room in it for us to visit. ;)
We're missing you terribly. Swim lessons start on Monday. Hope I'll be able to keep it together and not sob the whole time.
We miss you!

Juel said...

Nicole, where in Idaho are you locate? I know of a family that is selling there house in Post Falls if you are close.

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Heya Nic!

I'm sorry to hear the search is going slow. It stinketh to have to wait. That house is gorgeous, though!!!

One thing though, since the house was a repo/foreclosure (which is what it sounds like), if taking the appliances was the worst the ppl did to the house, then that is not so bad. And even though buying new appliances sucks for money purposes, it's kind of nice to know what exactly has been in your oven, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, etc., and how it was cared for. :)

I;ll keep u in my prayers that you find a home soon!

Inky Smiles!