Friday, September 26, 2008

No camera and going crazy...

I still can't find that darn charger! Took the boys to the park today and would have loved to get cute pictures, but the battery is dead. No idea where I set the charger. I am so mad because I ALWAYS put it back in my camera bag. Ugh! I actually made a bunch of cards last night too. They were from a CTMH kit, but still, they were pretty cute :) I have looked everywhere and no luck. I stopped looking and it still hasn't turned up.

Other than that, life is cruising along. Still busy all the time with no time for creating, but I'm trying to sneak some in here and there. Last night, I made 14 cards from a kit while watching Grey's Anatomy. So happy it is back--LOVE that show!! I was a little disappointed in a few parts--like the giant icicle. I mean come on, they are in Seattle, not Alaska--LOL! I am glad to have tv back though. The only weird thing is everything starts at 7 here instead of 8, so I have to watch the time or I'll miss something:) Thought the Heroes premiere was FABULOUS this week.

I'm attending a conference this weekend, so I don't know how much I'm going to create, but I'm thinking of heading up to the scrap room in a little bit to see if anything calls out to me. I'm hoping to host a crop next Friday, but I don't know if I'll have anyone interested. I have the day off, so in addition to taking the boys to do the "something fun" I promised them, I'm thinking maybe I can get the house clean enough. Even if it's just me and my mom.

I've gone so long without creating on a regular basis, that when I do sit down, I am lost. I sit and stare at my supplies for a long time, and end up not doing anything. Or I end up cleaning (not the you can tell my house is such a mess right now) or grading papers or something "useful". Then I feel out of whack because I haven't made anything for a while.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And to my loyal readers who have stuck with me during my lack of posts and artwork these past few months, thank you! Hopefully, I'll be creating and posting more soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole, Go and buy yourself another charger but keep the receipt. That is when you will find the old one. Then take back the new one. It works like a charm. (Most of the time)

Denise said...

Have you checked in your husbands computer things? Seems than when anything disappears around here it is usually not the kids because as we all know they do not put a thing is usually the husband because there is no way he would have touched it and that is just the way it is!

Does not matter like in this case he is holding his keys and has mine in his pocket...why would I take your keys I have my own!

Good luck! Let me know how it goes I have some great hiding places that I have found things! His workbench is also a good place to check!

Denise Wells

Deb said...

How annoying, I am desperately trying to organise my house as I haven't been able to find things since we moved in here nearly 2 years ago! Mind you still have a few boxes not yet emptied! Hope you find your charger soon!

Seleise said...

good luck with the search for the charger. I hate when that happens. I love Grey's too. Haven't watched last week's season premier episode yet as it's hard to catch up on all the stuff I dvr'd while on vacation but I will catch up soon!