Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet September

I love fall--always have. The colors, the crisp air--love it all :) I am so excited this year to be in a part of the country where there are actually seasons, and that I will be able to see fall in all it's glory! We've had this gloriously cool weather the last few days and it got me thinking that Autumn is right around the corner. Can't wait.

Anyway, we had a fabulous Labor Day weekend--my house is really starting to look like home. We were able to get some things unpacked and set up. My hutch is up and full again. Best of all, my scrap room is usable. Not totally set up, and I'll be working out of boxes for a long time to come, but at least I can create in there. Woohoo!

Here's a peek:

I placed an order today and I'm hoping to start doing a little with CTMH again soon. I hope I can find a balance between my full time job and creating on the side. I'm headed to a training with my second upline this weekend--so happy to be back where I can attend them. Talk about a small world--my mom's friend tells me about her neighbor who has a son Austin's age and would be interested in watching him after school if I need her to. So I get a hold of her and not only is her son in Austin's class, but she's a CTMH consultant and on the same team her in ID as me. Needless to say, Austin is going there after school now :) I keep saying things are happening as they are meant to. I just need to sit back and go with the flow.

Here are a couple of cards I made last night for a swap. I ran out of the Hollyhock ric rac, so some are brown ribbon instead. Love that it gives it a totally different look. Stamps are the SOTM Life's Treasures and papers are Magic Moments. I clear embossed the flowers on Colonial White and then sponged in Hollyhock.

One final image for you, here's my boys helping Daddy put together the dining room table.


Kathi Carlson said...

Great cards, cute,happy kids, and a scrap room with lots of potential. It looks like your life is good. I'm glad for you! Take care and TFS.

sparkplug17 said...

Love your swap cards! I'm glad you're getting everything put together!

Anonymous said...

Oh it sounds like it is falling into place Nic, which must be a weight off your mind.

I smiled at your little men .... such busy busy boys helping. I bet they are relaxing a bit too now.

Take care, Marcia

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Hallelujah!!! Love the cards!

I totally hear you on "usable but not totally set up yet"! Happy setting up!!!

Inky Smiles!

Littlekel90 said...

LOL . . . my scrap room still looks like that on occasion. ;) Glad to see that you have a space of your own. Very cool that Austin has a buddy his own age to play with, and the boys look like they were having fun helping Daddy. Cute! :) Kel

~KRISTY~ said...


Stampedbyanangel@aol.com said...

Good luck with the unpacking and you have beautiful children!!