Friday, October 10, 2008

I wasn't kidding!

The snow is now sticking! We let the boys out for a few minutes to play. Mean Mommy made them come back in until there's enough to really play in. It's too cold for me to stay out there--LOL! Here's a few pics--what an exciting evening :)

Ok--I started to post this last night, but for some reason, my camera wouldn't download to the computer. Worked this morning though. Here's the pictures I took last night. Most of it melted a few hours later, but there's still a little on the grass and the rooftops. Now I just need to drag them out in the cold to take "fall" pictures before the leaves all drop from the cold :)


Vicki Sullivan said...

Oh how I wish it were snowing here in Maryland. How fun!

Jena said...

Fun pics - glad hubby found your charger! It snowed here on us, too, though technically it's our second snow experience of this season - it snowed on us while we were camping for Labor Day! Hope you had a great weekend - stay warm!

Kristine B. said...

OH...I'm jealous! :) I LOVE Fall, but winter is my favorite! I don't mind driving in it either, but we haven't had any yet this season. I'm sure it's coming though. Your boys are sooo CUTE!! Have FUN!!

Diana said...

Great pictures!! love your boys' faces!! they had fun, right?


Jamee said...

lucky little boys. i havent been in snow since i was in 2nd grade... 13 years ago!!! i wish it snowed here in hawaii!!!