Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

We just keep getting more here! It's so beautiful! I can say that because I don't HAVE to drive in it :) Here's some pics from a couple days ago. We got a couple more inches last night.

Our house

Mike shoveling out for the umpteenth time

Brendan enjoying the snow now that he has warm boots
Austin, who LOVES the snow!
Just thought this way a cool pic. The lights got completely buried in the snow.

I'm really worried about our trip to Seattle. Mike and I are supposed to leave for Seattle on Friday, but with this crazy snowy weather, the airports are having a lot of trouble. We're panicked that our flight will get cancelled. I told Mike that if they do cancel it, we should see if they'll fly us south instead--LOL! We've been looking forward to this trip for a long time. It's the first no kids trip we've taken since having children. We wanted to do something since it's our 10 year anniversary on the 26th. Yes, that's right, our anniversary is the day after Christmas. We must be crazy, but we do always get to have the day off together :)
Busy here trying to get ready for Christmas. I think everything is wrapped and under the tree, except my mom's present. It's the only one I'm attempting to make this year. Kind of weird since for the last few years I've made ALL the gifts. But nice not to have the mad dash to try and finish a bunch of gifts.
I am hoping to make a couple of little things for prizes for the annual Christmas Bingo at my mom's. It's a game my mom and dad handmade when they were in high school or just after. It's handwritten and hand-drawn, spelling mistakes and all. It always brings a lot of laughs and is a great tradition. I'm so excited that the boys are old enough to play this year :)
I hope everyone is taking time to relax and enjoy the moment. I know that's always my biggest problem. I get so caught up in "getting everything done" that I forget to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. Luckily, my house is already clean and I can have fun today. My grandpa arrived on Saturday, my brother got here yesterday and my sister arrives today. Should be a big family Christmas. The only one missing is my sister that was here for Thanksgiving. But at least we got to see her and her family then.
Have a great one :)

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Sparkplug17 said...

Hey chica...I hope the weather gets better too. I know Alaska cancelled all of their flights yesterday and on Monday...but hopefully it won't be so bad by Friday. Brent and I are still debating on if we should still try to drive down to Portland. Have a great holiday and anniversary!