Saturday, December 20, 2008

School's out!!!!

I am so ready for this break! I'm very excited to have all four of us out until after New Year's :) These last few weeks have been crazy trying to finish up at school, buy gifts, and do everything with snow and ice everywhere. Last weekend we got snow and it's been so cold that it has stuck around. We are supposed to get snow every day this week, so it looks like it will be a white Christmas for us this year--woo hoo!

I love the snow, but hate driving in it, so when it comes during breaks, I'm a happy person! As I told my co-workers last week, my time spent driving in it alternates between crying and praying. The other 7th grade teacher told me it works better if you do my praying than crying--LOL! Here's a few pics of the kids in the snow. I didn't take very many because it was too darn cold. Poor Brendan felt the same way--twice he went out to play, and twice he came in crying. Lucky for them, Grandma bought them ski jackets and bibs for Christmas!

Getting a Christmas photo for our cards this year was a joy. Neither child would change so that their clothes matched, but I could live with that. Then I had one child who was totally cooperative and even sat for a bunch more pictures. So cute.

The other just wanted goofy pictures and refused to smile or cooperate with poses.

Finally, I got a couple of cute ones and called it good.

All was in vain since I STILL haven't sent them out. I didn't proofread the cards, and when I got them back they said, "Merry Christmas from our hourse to yours." Just great coming from an English teacher. Ugh! So now I'm making little labels to go over that part. Guess I'd better bring them in to show my students the importance of proofreading--LOL!

Our gingerbread house was a FUN activity (said with a sarcastic voice). Brilliant idea, but Ace of Cakes I am not. This is my favorite show on TV, after Gray's and Heroes. Every time I watch it, I tell my hubby that I want to take cake decorating classes because that looks like so much fun. After this gingerbread house, I think I've changed my mind. My hands hurt, I was covered in frosting, and it was frustrating beyond belief. However, the final result is great, so I guess it was worth it. Plus the kids had a great time decorating it. They wanted me to go buy another one. Maybe next year...

Well I have to run and get everything ready to go to the post office for this, the very last day that you can mail packages and have them get there by Christmas.

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Marcia P said...

Nic, sounds like there is plenty of Christmas cheer in your house at the moment. And that everyone is having fun.

We don't have snow where I am, but I would think I would be there praying if I had to drive in it too!

Have a special Christmas, laugh lots and see you in the new year!

:) Marcia