Monday, September 20, 2010

Rock Star Day

Every year our school has a dinner auction to raise money. A month before the auction, we have a dress up day for all the kids (and teachers). This year the theme was School of Rock. I had tons of fun putting together all the costumes. My favorite part.

I love dress up days, in case you couldn't tell. My mom says the pics don't do my costume justice. I also had on a bright pink skirt, black leggings, bright socks and pink and black Converse. I'll have to see if the secretary got a full length shot.

Loved the ABCD iron-on I found. Brendan wanted to wear a Mohawk, so Mike spent a lot of time blow drying and combing.

Side view

Austin's hair wouldn't cooperate with a Mohawk, but funky just the same. He was mad about having to wear ripped jeans, though. Silly kid. He got over it once he saw the whole look.

One of my favorite pics of Austin, but I can't believe how old he looks!

Both boys rock star style! They had a photographer come to the school, and if she ends up selling the pics of my boys, I know I'm going to be very broke!

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