Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sharing From the Heart Blog Hop

For some reason, I can't log into our group to get the links for the hop.  I'm not sure what's going on.  I'll try again before I go to work, but if I can't get linked up, I'm sorry.

My card this month uses Stella papers and Canvas Complements.  I used the February Stamp of the Month, Thoughtful Tidings for the sentiment.

I love these canvas shapes.!  They give texture and make cards and layouts a snap.

I also made tags for the teacher Valentine's gifts using the Stamp of the Month.  I used the Sweetheart papers.

 I found these adorable golden apples at Target and had to get them for the boys' teachers.

I don't know what's going on with the hop, but I do know that these wonderful ladies have posts:

Kristine Ponte

Patti Rowe

Deb Fortin


Deb Fortin said...

Hi Nichole I too have tried to get on our group site and it doesn't appear to exist. I had my cards ready to go so I posted them and have linked up to you.
Deb Fortin

Patti said...

Cute card and tag Nicole! I linked up to Deb because that was last months line up, I couldn't get in either. I think I do remember that it changed to the 15th but shouldn't have made a difference.

life documented said...

Great teacher gift! love the tag and card!
It looks like the group is deleted? wierd...I'm going to post my post anyways

Deb Fortin said...

sorry I didn't notice the golden apple gifts/ awards the first time i visited ,too busy looking to see if anyone else had postd to this hop.
Love the canvas shapes , may have to rethink ordering them

Jody Gustafson said...

Love your Stella card. I can't wait to get the canvass stickies and give them a try. Lucky teachers to get that adorable gift.
Thanks for posting your Sharing from the Heart art. I couldn't find the group but I posted yesterday and linked to the ones I could find. Hope to see you next month.