Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Scrap Room Remodel Part 1

Sorry it's been so long.  The card reader on my Mac died, and it had to go back to Apple for a week, and then we were out of town for spring break.  Now I've got lots to post.  I'll start with a peek at my scrapbook room.  Mike built in shelves in my closet.  I can't believe how much I can fit in there.  It will enable me to get rid of one cabinet in the room and free up more space.

Here's the closet:  first shelf--all my paper
                             second shelf--Paper packs, ribbon, non CTMH stamps, embellishments
                             Bottom:More paper, files, finished cards, and other craft supplies

My Room--Next step will be to move the Ikea shelves to where the table currently is set up and put a countertop in on the far wall.  That will probably have to wait until after we get the outside in shape for spring.  

The Ikea shelves hold all my stamps, finished albums, How To books, and misc. projects

The process of organizing my room:

The shelves:

The mess--this was everything that was in the closet before.  Not including all the paper that was in my cabinet.

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