Friday, March 7, 2008

New Artwork and a New Hobby

Here are some of the cards we will be making for my card workshop tomorrow. We are actually making 15, but the rest I've previously posted on here in other catagories. I was aiming for simple/quick cards.

I saw Caron Bernard's idea on the CTMH board about making "His and Hers" cards for a workshop. I came up with these two based on two of her cards:

I had the same idea with these two. They were inspired by Kathi's cards, but are no where near as beautiful. I wanted to show how you could make feminine and masculine cards from one stamp set, in this case, Thoughts of You.

These two are using the Stamp of the Month, Simple Beauty. The last one came from one I saw (ok copied) on Lisa's blog. If you haven't seen her artwork--it's GORGEOUS!

Another hobby? I must be crazy!!

After reading all the Blossom Street book by Debbie Macomber and finishing Friday Night Knitting Club a couple days ago, and seeing Nona's beautiful little poncho, I decided I was going to learn to knit. I've always wanted to. It must have been meant to be because when I went to Jo-Ann's yesterday to buy blank cards for my workshop, all the knitting stuff was on sale. So yesterday afternoon I went back and forth between a book I have and a few internet sites and taught myself how to knit. Here was the first piece I didn't rip back out--LOL! I *think* it's going to be a scarf. Mike keeps laughing at me (why do you want to knit all of a sudden?) and the kids keep wondering why mommy keeps starting over. It may not be too polished yet, but I'm pretty proud of myself.


Sarah said...

Grab yourself a couple of extra cheap needles and have the kids do it too. Thats what my mom used to do with us. We would knit on road trips or whenever we were super board (well before electronics, lol). I don't know if I could remember how to do it now but it sure seemed simple back then. Good Job!

Deb said...

Gorgeous cards, I love the his and hers concept! Good luck with your knitting, I haven't done it much for years but every now and then I really get the urge to knit! If only I had the time!

nonapearl said...

YAY!!! Another knitter has joined the ranks. =) Nice job. Can't wait to see what it becomes.

Smiles, Nona

Seleise said...

oh my gosh - that's how each new craft starts for me. so funny! have fun knitting and great cards!

Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful cards. I think I'll use the his/hers idea for my next club meeting. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the knitting!

Kelly S said...

You sound like me... no more hobbies for me! Luckily my sewing machine was free, but the thread and fabric isn't! Love the cards!

Jane said...

Love the idea of his/her cards with the same set. Shows more versatality to the customers. Good luck on the knitting. I tried to learn knitting and crocheting and gave up on both. My mom did BEAUTIFUL stuff. Guess my talent goes no further than paper though. LOL.


Donelda said...

Hey I love the his and hers concept!! I'm going to try it for the next card I make!! Thanks for the inspiration!