Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pictures

The boys had a great Halloween weekend. This year it was quite a decision on costumes. Last year, Austin was Mario and Brendan was Luigi. This year Brendan wanted to be Yoshi and Austin wanted to be Bowser. The problem? There are no Bowser costumes. They don't exist and Mama doesn't sew. We went to 5, yes 5 Halloween stores. No Yoshi costumes left (at least not for kids) and nothing Austin wanted. Finally, at the last store, they decided on these costumes.

My Anakin and Mario!

Pumpkin carving...yes, with power tools!

The finished pumpkin.

Saturday, we went to Zoo Boise for Boo at the Zoo. We got there about an hour before they closed, but enough time to see some animals, get some candy, and take some pictures!

Mommy and boys
My guys!

How do you measure up against a penguin?

Love this picture of Austin!

Look at those gorgeous fall colors!

Say Boo!

Overall, a very fun weekend!

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