Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thankful Post

I've been posting a daily thankful post on Facebook, but I felt this one deserved a whole post :) I am truly thankful for the unique point of view that my children give me. Yesterday, I was reminded once again to stop and view the world through my children's eyes. I hate snow. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's beautiful and I enjoy it from INSIDE, but I hate driving in it. I dread mornings that are icy and miserable.
Yesterday, the boys were so excited about the snow that they spent hours outside playing. The snow wasn't even sticking, but they didn't care. They were convinced it would eventually. I decided rather than complain, I'd get out there and capture their joy. You know what, seeing them happy gave me a much needed attitude adjustment.
This is one of my new favorite pictures. yes it was somewhat staged. They were trying to catch snowflakes, but I asked them to get closer together so I could capture them together.

Almost enough for a snowball!

I'm still dreading tomorrow morning, when they are saying 4-6 inches of snow, blowing snow, and temperatures in the teens. Praying for a snow day, so we can just enjoy it, but not have to drive in it!

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