Saturday, February 19, 2011

What happens when you give a 5 year old your camera?

This weekend is our big district basketball tournament for 7th and 8th grade. Since normally, the kids play on teams with members from all the schools, this tourney is all about school pride and playing together as a class/school. It's great fun, and it also means that we've already attended 5 games in two days. The boys weren't thrilled about going, but did a great job of supporting their school.

This morning our seventh grade boys had to play our 8th grade boys. That was a hard one for me, since I teach both grades. The 8th graders won. Brendan was bored, so I asked him to take some pictures of the game, so I could post them on my Smart Board Tuesday. In all, he took 49 pictures, and MOST of them were of the game. However, it was the in-between ones that were my favorites. I'm sensing a scrapbook page in my future!

Look at me!

Now look at the game (I posted a far away one because I don't want to post any minors without permission). He did actually get some great shots.

Now back to me

My shoes

Me again. Nice chocolate face, by the way.

My drink

Mom and me

Austin playing DS.

I love seeing Brendan's perspective!

Here are a couple of shots I took to round out the post. Bren watching the game. Gotta love the plumber crack! This was after I already cinched up his pants once.

Little monkeys hanging over the gym floor at halftime.

We took a break between games and hit the Discovery Center--check out that bubble!

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