Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Animal Tales--Our new baby, a scary moment, and a new friend

It's been a crazy weekend/week so far.  Saturday, we made the mistake of stopping at Cabela's.  Someone was selling a whole litter of labs, and I fell in love.  We ended up bringing home Phineas.  How could you resist that adorable face?  I am remembering how much work puppies are, and thank goodness for our little green machine!  Last night he FINALLY slept through the night without crying and barking.  

 Someone is getting really attached already (besides me that is--he had me at first snuggle).
 Amazing that he thinks this is a comfortable way to sleep.
 Took this today.  I swear he's bigger already!  Look at those paws--he's going to grow up to be a BIG guy!

The main reason we got a puppy was for our other dog Susie.  She has not adjusted well to being an only dog ever since we lost Dexter in May.  While we were on vacation, she kept jumping the fence into the neighbors' yard to play with their dogs.  Plus, she was chewing up the garage pretty bad while Mike was at work.  We figured she was lonely.

Yesterday, we almost lost Susie.  She pushed past Brendan and escaped through the front door.  Usually, when she gets out, she runs around the cul-de-sac and into the wetland area (aka the swamp) a few houses down.  This time, she ran out onto the busy street.  I got over there just in time to see her run across, through traffic. She made it across.  I planned to go get the car to get her because I didn't want her to run back across.  Unfortunately, she had other plans.  She dashed across, right in front of a line of cars.  The speed limit is 45, so even though the front car slammed on her brakes, she hit Susie.  The lady got out upset and in tears, but Susie rolled out from under the car and ran toward home.  I was so upset that I immediately took her to the vet.  Miraculously, she is fine.  Pretty bruised up, but no broken bones or internal bleeding.  They sent her back home last night with pain meds.  I still can't get that image out of my head, but am so thankful she's ok, especially because Brendan was so upset he let her out.  I don't think he'd ever have been the same if she'd been badly hurt.  She is one tough, lucky girl!

Susie today, sore but thankfully ok.

 Lastly, I kept hearing this loud screeching this morning, so Austin and I went out to investigate.  This big guy (or girl?) was sitting on our roof.  The boys were fascinated.  He stayed there for more than an hour.  We still keep hearing him but haven't been able to find him again.  I don't know what he is.   Hawk? Falcon?  I'm sure Mike will know.

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Anonymous said...

I think your bird is a Cooper's hawk. I am so glad your dog is OK! That was a very close call. The new puppy is adorable. I enjoyed your story.