Thursday, February 7, 2013

29 Alaska Layouts Completed!!

I can't believe I am still down sick.  I went ahead and took the rest of the week off because I just can't kick this bug.  Went to the doctor, and her best guess is the flu, a different strain than the vaccine.  I have never had to take a week off of work before, but since I still keep getting fevers, I can't go back, not that I'd feel like it anyway.  I'm not as weak and achy, but now I've got a horrid cough and all the medication she gave me makes me feel nauseous.  Plus, my Austin is still down with it and home with me, so we're a mess.

However, I am very blessed with wonderful family, friends, and co-workers who have been there for me and done everything they can to make me feel better.  Mike's been running Bren to school, making dinner and bringing me fun birthday goodies, including delicious cupcakes, flowers, candy, shoes (purple!), and even a singing Brad Paisley cards :)  My mom has been picking Brendan up, as well as bringing me lunch and goodies yesterday.  Then one of my friends is subbing for me, and she has been fantastic.  She even told me she's getting everything graded, and will have what I need copied for me for Monday, when I return.  Blessed, I tell you!

I haven't been completely out of commission the last couple days.  I've been getting caught up on grades, though I still have a long way to go.  My biggest accomplishment has been to complete all the layouts from our Alaska Cruise in Studio J.  I finished the last couple yesterday, and got them all ordered.  There are 29 layouts!  I can't wait until they get here!  It feels good to have that done.  It seems our vacation photos never get scrapped, other than a layout or two highlight for our regular scrapbooks.  Case in point, we went to Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania four summers ago, and I have 0 layouts completed.  Oregon Coast trip two years ago, I have two beach layouts completed.  It seems like such a huge task to scrap so many photos.

I've learned that Studio J is the way to go.  Working probably a total of 4 hours this week, I scrapped the whole trip.  I took over 400 photos on the trip.  Now we'll be able to look at and enjoy the album and the memories.  The only problem is what in the world I'm going to do with all the photos I had printed to show family.  Maybe I'll let the boys make their own albums.

Anyway, I'm going to be sharing the layouts over the next week or so on here.  Here are the first few.

These first two layouts use the Travel Express Collections.  With the Express Collections, you get 10 coordinating layouts to make one album.  They are themed and embellished, so they are quick and easy.  However, because Studio J is versatile, you can make changes and use as many or as few as you want.  I thought the Travel ones were perfect for the first couple layouts.  Preview, I used them on the last day, too :)

Boarding Double Spread

Leaving Seattle

Pool Time AKA Brendan's favorite phrase, "Can We Go To The Pool?"

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