Monday, August 10, 2009

The Journey Home

Coming home from our east coast trip was quite an ordeal. We drove to DC from Pennsylvania, and got to the airport 4 hours before our flight was scheduled to leave. We buzzed through security, had lunch and hung out. Mike was scheduled to be on a different flight than the boys and I. He was flying into Salt Lake and then Boise. We were headed to Detroit, then meeting up with him in Salt Lake. As boarding time approached, they made an announcement that due to weather and mechanical difficulties, the flight would be delayed for three hours. Mike got in line and after waiting for a while, finally got to the front to talk to someone.

They told us that we would miss all connecting flights, so we'd be better off just staying another night in Washington and heading home in the morning. I was near tears--by myself with the two boys, shuttles, hotel, and the airport again. The airline was nice enough to switch Mike's flight too. Plus, they gave us a hotel room, vouchers for food, and vouchers for future travel.

Although we were stressed and exhausted, and we had no clothes or anything with us, it all worked out. Mike even got to sit first class since that was the only spot left.

Waiting to find out what was happening--a looooonnnnnnng process

Killing time at the airport.
An extra evening of D.C. fun.

Our little travelers--they did great with their bags and on the plane :)

Finally ready to board!


Kathi Carlson said...

Oh, wow! Lots of stories to tell, photos to scrap. Your photos are all great. Particularly love the one of Mike ... waiting. From the look on his face, no words are necessary. Glad all turned out OK.

tannersmummy said...

So so sorry. :(
Wow lucky Mike though. First class with no kids! Bet that turned his frown up side down. :)