Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paul McCartney Concert

To say this was a dream come true is a little melodramatic, but I have been a Beatles fan since, I don't know, birth--thanks Mom! To see a Beatle in concert was amazing! Thank you, Sos!

Before the concert--sorry Sos, I know you didn't want me to post it, but it's a cute pic!

Enjoying a $10 burger. Yes, I'm still having a sideways problems.

Our seats were just off to the right of the stage.

THe first song ("Baby, You Can Drive My Car"):

By the second song, yes that's all Austin made it through--LOL

Brendan lasted quite a few--up dancing and clapping with me, then he pooped out, too.

They did wake up for the fireworks in "Live and Let Die"--incredible pyro effects! Definitely the boys favorite part of the show. Also made me very glad we had earplugs!

We left early--right after Hey Jude. My sis said there were six more songs. We had a one mile walk to the train station, and we knew that it was going to be a nightmare with the stadium emptying out and everyone getting on the train. If we hadn't had the boys, I would have stayed, but we made the right choice. As it was, we got back to the hotel at 1 am. He came onstage just after 9 and ended at 11:30--definitely get your money's worth.

I have to go and get packed up before Mike gets back with the car. I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs. He plays it on Ukulele as a tribute to George (he also does a tribute to John). This is from the Citifield show in New York,so not the one we were at, but the same :)

Here's Live and Let Die--the boys wanted me to add it :)


Sparkplug17 said...

Glad you guys had a great time at the concert!

AmethystCat said...

that sounds soo fun! glad you had a good time!