Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California Fun Part 2--Disneyland

I LOVE Disneyland, and wanted to share some of our highlights from our visit. It was packed that day. The only time I've seen it more crowded was the day after christmas. We pretty much waited an hour for every ride.

The first ride of the day was Space Mountain. It was the first time either one had been on the ride. They were a little nervous, but LOVED it. When we got off, Bren screamed, "That was awesome! Best ride ever!"

Next was Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters.

This one is Austin at the exact center of Disneyland. We watched a Netflix video that showed where to find this stake. Austin couldn't wait to see if it was really there. It's in Sleeping Beauty's castle, by the way.

Goofy-- the only character pic of the day. I had a hard time convincing the boys to stand in line for characters. When we found Goofy with a short line, I said they didn't have a choice. Mommy needed one character pic, and I love Goofy. As you can see, Brendan was not thrilled.

Jungle Cruise. I love this ride. The corny jokes always crack me up. I always say when I retire, I want to work at Disneyland on the Jungle Cruise.

Look at the lions taking care of that sleeping zebra.

One of the rides the boys were waiting to ride was Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. After waiting an hour in line, Brendan decided not to go on. Mike and Austin had fun (even though Austin looks a little worried).

Then we headed to California Screamin'. Bren was about a quarter inch to short to ride, so it was Austin and I. I was worried about him, but when we were upside down in the loop, I looked over and he was cracking up laughing.

Bumper cars


I'd buy this toy :)

The giant Ferris Wheel.

Watching the fireworks

We were going to go on one last ride, Pirates of the Carribean, but we got in line and Brendan started crying. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "I'm done! I just can't do anymore!"

Headed to the bus in the parking lot. Don't you love the R2D2 Mickey ears?!

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