Sunday, July 3, 2011

Been MIA

Sorry I've been missing. Last week I took a class on Service Learning and Inquiry. It was a 3 credit class, so to say that it completely dominated my time last week is an understatement. I learned so much, and I think my students will really benefit. I figured I'd share artwork of a different nature. As part of the class, I had to create a flip book that describes the unit I had to prepare. I'm sure you can guess, this was my favorite part :)

I love the idea of these flip books as a creative, all inclusive way of showing what students have learned. I know I'll be doing this with my own class.

I used Watermelon, Bubblegum, and Ocean (colors I miss from our palette), as well as flowers, ribbon, and miscellaneous stamps.

I'm hoping to finish up some Fanfare artwork I've been working on and get it posted this weekend. If not, I hope you have a fabulous three-day weekend!

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