Friday, July 15, 2011

More Framed Legacy Artwork

These are the two pieces I received at my Grand Opening party. I just can't get over what an unbelievable job they do! The pictures already meant a lot to me, but seeing them made into these gorgeous artwork pieces, brings tears to my eyes.

This first one is my grandparents' wedding photo. I am in love with the touches of color and the gorgeous antiquing. I lost my grandmother several years ago, and this picture reminds me of what a beautiful person she was inside and out. Austin's comment was, "That doesn't look like Great-Grandpa, that looks like Uncle Andy."

This picture was take at our family reunion a few years ago. It's all the young cousins (minus one born last year). They've only all been together twice, so this means the world. I can only imagine taking another one of these when they are all grown up! It's already hard to believe that the two youngest ones are now 5 and 6. I left this one in sepia because I wanted it to have a timeless look.

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