Sunday, September 2, 2007

What a crazy day...

We went to the beach yesterday. My sister talked me into actually going out into the water. We got out there, and I kept telling her, I have my glasses on, I shouldn't be out here. I then said I was going back because I was worried I'd lose my glasses. Just as I turned around to head back, I got knocked by a big wave, and guess what? You got it, I lost my glasses. No back up pair, no contacts, and we had both cars down there, so I needed to drive home. Without them, I can't see more than a few feet in front of me.

So.......we left the beach and went in search of a Costco. I had two little boys who were very unhappy to be leaving the beach 20 minutes after we'd arrived. My mom, sis and Mike weren't too happy either. So we find a Costco and she looks up my info and says, well I have bad news. WE don't carry your contacts at this store and even if we did, your perscription is expired, so I can't sell you any. The lady was awesome though. Once I told her the whole story, she went into the actual eye exam office and came back with a pair of contacts that were close to mine and a bottle of solution--free of charge! You've got to love Costco! Of course, I'm still without glasses for awhile, which stinks because I hate wearing contacts from the time I get up until I go to bed :( I'm also sad because I LOVED those glasses. I wasn't even going to replace them this year, I was going to just get new lenses. But hey, at least I can see.

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This is a FABULOUS layout!!! :)I like your use of a large photo for emotional impact.