Sunday, December 2, 2007

1 camera + 2 boys=The need for lots of patience

I want to get the Christmas cards mailed, so yesterday we decided to take Christmas pictures. First, we had to find the Tri-pod--no small feat. After tearing apart every closet in the house--and leaving quite a mess in our wake--we found it. Then got everything set up in front of the Christmas tree. Here's how it went:

Settle the boys in one is looking, one is not, snap..Brendan gets up wnats to see th picture. Get them settled again. Brendan gets up before the picture because he wants to take it. Austin gets up and chases him. Ugh--fine, we'll move on to family picture. Mike with Brendan in lap (upset because he still wants to take the picture himself). Ok, set timer, run to the tree, sit down pull Austin into my lap. Repeat 5 more times. Oh and I must add that Webkins had to be included in an attmpt to get Brendan to hold onto Panda with both hands so fingers were not in mouth.

Got a family picture and repeated the process a couple dozen more times to try to get a shot of the two boys together. FINALLY got a great one and sent the photos over to have cards made. Sometimes I think it's worth the big bucks for someone else to do it. Anyway, here's our pictures.


Mare said...

I love the pics! Can't waait to get mine! Would have loved being a bug on the wall watching the photo shoot! LOL Mare (mom)

Kelly L said...

LOL--looks like you have your hands full, but what a beautiful family! I am droppin' bye to welcome you to the SBS4 group. Looks like you are lucky #30, but you may want to let Tracy know that your blog name is missing the S in It took me to a mega Bible something (not that is all bad) . . . lol I will be back soon. Wow, lots of us to keep track of, but once I have you all in my Google Reader, I will be all set. :) Kelly