Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday gifts

Ok, sorry I've been MIA--been hanging out as a family and I haven't been on much. Now that the holidays are over and (almost) everyone has opened their albums, I can post them for everyone to see. This last fall, we lost my grandmother. It was very hard on all of us and I wanted to do something special for my grandpa, uncles and mom, so these were the albums I made. THe first three pages were the same in everyone's book, then I personalized it for each individual family. THese pictures are a combination of my Uncle Gene's and my mom's.

My grandparents' wedding photo.

All the kids

all the grandkids and great-grandkids (and my aunt and uncle)

The rest of the pages--these are my mom's

And this is a picture we found of my Grandma--my favorite. Her greatest love besides her family was always chocolate. She just looks so happy here. I didn't know her then, but the spirit in this picture is what I will always remember about my grandma.

I just got my goodies from the new CTMH Spring Idea Book, so I'll be posting some more projects in the next few days. Armed with my new Friends DVD's I'm locking myself in my scrap room to create. That is after we get back from Build a Bear today.


Sarah said...

These are great Nicole. I broke my own rule and made ornaments/ mini albums for my in laws this year and worried all the way up til Christmas that they would find them corny. Luckily I got a great response. I hope you had a good Christmas! said...

These are so nice! I need to do more scrapping and thanks for inspiring me! Have a Wonderful New Year, fellow sbs4 sister.

Pammiewhammie said...

Nic I bet those albums were a grand hit! Isn't it funny the memories we collect of our grandparents. This pic of your grandma gave me a great reminder of my own grandma and her favorite treat which was English Mints. I haven't thought of that for years. thanks for that.... awesome albums!

Donelda said...

Wow, this is such a wonderful idea and I am sure that everyone really appreciated their very special gift!! What a gift from the heart!! Thanks for sharing.

Donelda SBS4

~KRISTY~ said...


Tracey said...

What a nice thing you did making these albums for your family and all the pages look fantastic!!

Happy New Year!!