Friday, December 7, 2007

A masterpiece by Austin

Austin had a homework project this week to decorate his tree. Last night he painted it with watercolors and then we jazzed it up. He did a fine job stamping ornaments on the tree and presents underneath. Then he wanted glitter and ribbon. This was a joint effort. He put glue down where he wanted the glitter and Mommy put the glitter on. Then I helped him tie knots in the ribbon and he glued them on. The only thing that gave us touble was the star, but I showed him how to use my Cricut to make it. Mike's not sure showing him how to use that was a great idea--LOL! Austin's very proud of his tree, so I thought I would share.

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Littlekel90 said...

This is very pretty! Good job, Austin! I think you did a fine job. Mommy might have some competition with those challenges now! Watch out, Erin, here comes Austin! :) Kelly