Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cards and 365

Two posts in one day?! Try not to fall off your computer chair :) As promised, here's a few of the cards I've been working on this week. I have oodles of cards to send out. To my lovely family members celebrating birthdays in January--they'll be on the way soon, I promise!!

These are made with CTMH's new Stardust papers, and the Shining Star stamp set. I love these papers. Such fun bright, BOY colors. I've got pictures just waiting to be scrapped with these papers.

Again I used Shining Star stamps, this time with Guy Thing papers. I love this big star, but I have had such a hard time creating with it. This card took hours and it still doesn't look like the one in my head. I hate when that happens.

These last two are simple, but I love them anyway. This is one of my all time favorite CTMH paper packs, Free Spirit. I didn't think I'd like it when it came out, but it is fabulous for layouts of my boys, and masculine cards. I've been through several packs since it came out.
A few more Project 365 pictures. I've given up on them re-releasing the kit for those of us who did not get in on it. I decided I'm going to make my own using CTMH papers, stamps, and six-pocket divider pages. I ordered all the supplies and they'll be here Monday. I can't wait. I may try to lay out some of it this weekend without the divider pages. I'll post when I get my first few pages done. I'm excited because I think this will be a manageable scrapbook project for me. I can jot notes and take pictures during the week, and print the pics and put it together every weekend.
Here's a couple of shots for this week:
School days are such a joy. This is how Brendan starts out every morning. He is NOT a morning person at all. Here he is ready to go, all bundled up, chocolate milk in hand. This week I downloaded the Cars soundtrack to listen to on the way to school and that has made him a little happier, but he'd still rather not get up for school.
Our Mii family. Here is what we look like on Wii fit. The Wii Fit, for those that don't know, takes your Mii's (online characters) and adjusts them for height and weight. No fun to watch you Mii grow outward--LOL! Mike absolutely hates his and will probably kill me for posting, but I love our cute little family. By the way, I totally stole the idea for taking our Mii picture from Keri G, someone who posted on Becky's site. We spend so much family time doing this, I loved the idea of recording it.
Have a great weekend! I'm hoping to create more this weekend to post, but no guarantees :)


Sparkle said...

I love your Mi's! I want a Wii really bad! I still haven't figured out yet what I want to do with my 365...

Seleise said...

love the Miis too! I might have to get a wii sometime too! how fun! and love the star card. I know just what you mean about it not matching what you thought it was going to be but I really like it!

Yanitza Ramos said...

Cute idea about the Mi's! My son has a Wii, but he won't let me use it :(