Monday, July 16, 2012

Soundsuit Fun at the Art Museum

Last week, I spent the week taking an art class for teachers at the Boise Art Museum.  First of all, if you are a teacher and have the opportunity to take one of the summer educator classes at the museum--do it!  They are so much fun!   Much of the artwork we created was inspired by the current exhibition at the museum, Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth.  THis exhibit is full of Nick Cave's "Soundsuits."  They are unlike anything I've ever seen.  They also haves a set of suits that perform around town.  We are hoping to catch a performance.  Here's a couple images.

The more time we spent with these Soundsuits, the more fascinated I became.  On Saturday, they were offering a family workshop, so I signed us up.  We had fun discussing the art and even got to make sound suits of our own.  I loved having the opportunity to do this as a family.  Austin got totally into performing his suit.  I have video of both boys performing their suits, but I haven't figured out how to get them off my phone.  I'll try to post the videos later.  In the meantime, here's some photos of our artsy fun.

 Making Music

Working on Soundsuits

Getting ready to perform:

If you are interested in finding out more on Nick Cave, I found this video but PBS.

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