Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Seattle Fun

We started the day at Pike's Place Market. We ate at Piroshky's Bakery and got a Starbucks (what else?). We walked through the whole market and down to the water. Love the fun texture the fence gives these photos.

Then we took my mom to the airport. Since we were already close to Tacoma, Mike drove us around there and out to Spanaway, where he grew up. After that, we went to the waterfront in Tacoma.

We walked on the pier where Mike went fishing as a kid.

Austin had to see how cold the water was.

Brendan got scared and hightailed it for the rocks.

We saw and old fire boat from 1929.
Had ice cream.
We let the boys ride their scooters on the waterfront for a while. Then the tide came in, and we went to look for sea life. We found some crabs. After Austin got pinched, Mike showed him how to safely catch a crab.
All in all, a good day. Tomorrow we're thinking the zoo.

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