Thursday, August 5, 2010

Space Needle and Pacific Science Center

Yesterday had it's ups and downs for sure. To start the day, I was lost, trying to find my way to the freeway, when I was pulled over and given a $124 speeding ticket--ugh! I was going downhill, and while I was riding my brakes the whole way, I still managed to get up to 10 over the speed limit. Officer was waiting at the bottom. Pulled me and the car behind me over. Then pulled another over as I was getting on the road. We finally made it to the Pacific Science Center. We had fun, but it was very crowded.

Watch out for dinosaurs!

And butterflies. Austin wasn't going to leave the butterfly garden until one landed on him. This one did, and then wouldn't leave :)

Trying out the contortionist box.

Cone was supposed to be for checkers.


Seattle Center:

When we got back, we got some disappointing news. One of the highlights of the trip was going to be to go to the Mariners game Friday night to see Mike Sweeney play. I've known him since I was five, and always love getting a chance to see him in action. Unfortunately, yesterday he was traded to the Phillies. Good news for him since he'll have a chance at a ring, but bad news for us because we won't get to see him. Why couldn't they have waited until this weekend?!

Today was day 2 at the Seattle Center. The boys wanted to come back and try the circus acts that were to crowded yesterday at the Science Center.

Tightrope walkers:


Then we went up in the Space Needle. Austin has been begging to go all week. We had a lot of fun, but it was a little hazy. We were also hoping the Blue Angels would fly over while we were up there, but they didn't start practicing until an hour later :(

The view:

After the Space Needle, we fulfilled one of Brendan's requests and rode the monorail downtown. We had lunch and walked around a little. We were going to go to the aquarium, but the boys were too tired. We got to sit in front of the monorail on the way back. At first Brendan was upset, but he ended up loving it!

Thanks for sticking with me--I know this post is long. I love having a written record of our trips. It makes it easier to scrapbook the details later. So far I've taken over 250 pictures this trip--yikes!

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