Monday, August 13, 2012

Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park

In all the years we've lived in Idaho, we've never been out to Bruneau Sand Dunes.  We had planned to go camping in the mountains over the weekend, but all the wildfires dashed any hope of that.  We wanted to go somewhere we could see the Perseids Metweor Shower.  My mom came up with the brilliant idea of heading out to Bruneau to the observatory there.  

Mike and I decided to take the boys out a couple hours early to explore the sand dunes.  It was hot (about 93 degrees), but fun.  The boys loved climbing the sand dunes.  They were a little jealous of the people who brought sleds to slide down, so we had to promise we'd come back in the fall.  

The boys climbing up

The view from the top.

 Sun setting

 The boys at the lake.  Who knew there was water in the middle of the desert.

Once the sun went down, we watched a cool astronomy video in the education center, and then we headed out to look through the telescopes.  We saw the Dumbbell Nebula, Swan Nebula, a double star (can't remember the name), a star cluster, and many more.  They had the huge observatory telescope and about a dozen other telescopes pointed various places in the sky.  We also saw a number of meteors.  It was amazing.  The boys didn't last long, and we headed out about 11:30.  

We definitely want to go back there camping when it cools off a bit.  

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