Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow--in Haiku

Oops--I didn't get on last night to post.  I've decided that Friday will be our poetry day at school, so I did have a little poetry to share from yesterday.  Literature classes yesterday wrote poetry about the novels they're reading.  I went a different route for mine (although I did write one on the book we're reading in class as an example).  I wrote a couple haiku on the snow.  One reflecting our snow day and the other reflecting the drive to school yesterday, although it wasn't too bad for us on our route.  Some students, however, were an hour late due to all the accidents on the interstate.

Snow in Haiku:

Snow, glimmering white
Falling softly, quietly
Through the cold window

Slick, icy black roads
Treacherous in the darkness
Praying for safety

Come back later today to see the 30 cards I made during our snow day.  I still need to take some photos.

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