Saturday, January 5, 2013

Work Around the House--Before and After

We've lived in this house more than 5 years, and we still had a couple blank walls.  We bought paint a couple years ago and didn't want to hang anything until we painted.  We finally had time this week to paint and Mike's been busily hanging everything.  

Before--looking from our family room to the front door.  

After--same shot

Family room--these photos are from our school dinner auction a few years ago.  The theme was Rock Star and the decorations were the huge canvases of all the siblings.  We had to buy it and have it framed.  THe smaller photos were ones we took.  Mike wants to hang drum sticks or a guitar up above.

Dining/entry way shots

Austin helping with the painting.

I'm loving the results!  The only problem with accomplishing this is that now we want to put in new floors, paint other walls and rooms, and get new furniture.

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