Thursday, July 8, 2010

A couple cards and summer fun

Two more cards done. I'm still aiming to have them all done before we leave Saturday, but with packing, cleaning, and running errands tomorrow, it's doubtful. Here's hoping.

The first card uses You Rock papers and some star die cuts I had. Love the colors, and I want to make a few more cards with these papers, since they make fun boy cards.

The second card was a stamped image someone sent me, so I'm not sure of the name or company. She's adorable, so if you know where she came from, I'd love to know :) I used Magic Moments scraps and Thank You stamps.

Yesterday, the boys wanted to try out their new camera, so we headed over to the MK Nature Center. It's free to the public and features underwater tanks for viewing fish, as well as trails, and a museum-type center. The boys love to go there and walk around and see different birds, fish, and animals.

My budding photographers:
I didn't post any of their pics (I'll save that for their pages). They need some practice waiting for the picture to finish before moving the camera--lots of blurry "action" shots :) Don't you love how serious they are, though?!
The fish:
Gorgeous flowers:
I'll try to get on here and post again before I leave. I'll try for some planned posts, too. We will only have internet a couple times on our trip.
One last note, I'm LOVING the updates from the CTMH convention in Washington DC. Lots of fabulous stuff coming soon. I should be worried, very worried about my upcoming spending ;)

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