Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More highlights from our vacation

I took over 300 pictures on this trip, so I'll only share a few highlights. Besides Legoland, the boys LOVED going to the beach. THey had a great time splashing in the waves. The only downside was that they didn't want to stand still for a picture. Most of the pics I took are of their backs as they were running the other way :)

After the beach, I got to have dinner with a friend I haven't seen since high school--16 years. I found her a couple months ago on Facebook (where else). Turns out that she had been living in Long Beach all this time--crazy! It was great to see each other and catch up.

The next day, we went to Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana. THe best part? They accepted our pass from our local Discovery Center, so we didn't have to pay to get in! We went with my cousin, Kevin, and his son, Matthew.

Wind machine--this is Brendan at 70 miles per hour.

The boys in the Space area. This exhibit was fascinating. We got to see the effects of things like earthquakes and Tsunamis on the Earth. Plus it was nice to sit for a few minutes (the grown ups anyway).

"Driving" a zamboni.

The boys loved the Tinker Toys, dinosaurs, and rockets, but their favorite exhibit by far was Grossology. It explained all the more disgusting bodily functions. I just love Brendan telling everyone that he went on a slide where he went in the mouth and out the rectum--lol.

This picture I'm keeping to remind me that on my worst days teaching, at least I'll never have to do this as a job. These are deoderant testers--gross!

After the museum, we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for swimming, bbq, and of course, s'mores.

Friday was part one of our three part trip. We went to Hesperia to visit friends. The boys got to play with their friends. We took some fun pictures, but I don't want to post pictures of other people's kids, so I'll just share my favorite picture of Austin.

Saturday, we headed to Las Vegas. It was 116 and miserable--yuck! We did have some fun though. Mike's best friend was there celebrating his 40th birthday. We went to dinner at Dick's Last Resort. It's different to say the least. The theme is that all the wait staff are rude. They yell, throw food and napkins, and randomly place hats on people's heads. Most of the hats said things I really couldn't reprint here. The ones the boys got were tame, though.
After dinner, I took the boys swimming at the hotel so that Daddy could go gamble with his friend. Even at 8:30, it was HOT!
Sunday morning, we headed home.

Oops, missed one picture. This was my favorite picture of the trip. My grandpa putting a puzzle together with Brendan.

If you're still with me, thanks for letting me re-live the memories. Hopefully, I have a chance to scrap some of these pics soon! I will be working on some cards in between studying for a test I'm taking on Saturday for recertification.

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