Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bound for the North Pole

Tuesday night we took our kids on the North Pole Express, a three hour train ride the North Pole and back. We enjoyed snacks, Christmas carols, and a visit with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and an elf on the ride up. Then we had a chilly visit at the North Pole, where we got to pose for pictures in Santa's sleigh, and in front of his workshop.

Excited as we started the trip.

Singing Jingle Bells. Brendan was smiling and singing until the carolers entered our car. He clammed up immediately. He rang the bell, but wouldn't sing. Austin and Mike were getting snacks, and they missed the carolers.

Here comes Santa Claus! Santa sat down with the boys and talked to them for a while. That's something you don't get when you visit Santa at the mall. Look how serious they were.

A little over an hour after we left the station, we arrived at the North Pole. Austin still isn't sure if that was REALLY the North Pole. He was trying to figure out how it could take us 15 hours to get to California, but only an hour to get to the North Pole. He said either it was a fake North Pole or a magic train.

Pictures with Santa in his sleigh. We didn't see any of the reindeer, though.

Back on the train for the ride home. The boys got a little bored on the way back. I was wishing I'd thought to bring cards or something. We did take lots of pictures, though.

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