Sunday, November 11, 2007

Did you hear the one about the duck in the toilet?

Ugh! For those that follow my adventures with my boys, we had quite a time today. We had my dad's side of the family here today for my grandpa's birthday. After dinner and before dessert, my dad comes out to tell us there's something wrong with the toilet. No biggie, our toilets clog a lot--definitely not the highest quality. Well 30 minutes later, Mike is still trying to fix it with no luck. He tells me Austin was the last one in the bathroom and he'd been in there a while.

That's when it hits me--earlier he'd been singing a song that went something like this "if you can't throw a ball away, flush it down the toilet". So we start asking him if he flushed a ball down the toilet--no. Did you flush anything--still no, but this time he has that look--moms, you know the one. FINALLY, he tells us that he flushed a bath toy--a rubber duck--down the toilet. I have no idea what possesses a 5 year old to think this is something you should do.

So now Mike is at Lowes trying to find an auger/snake thingy that will hopefully push the duck through. No one is going to be happy if we have to take the toilet off--or worse yet, call a plumber! I'll keep you posted. And yes both boys are in here with me--not taking my eyes off them right now.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness Nicole, I am so sorry. I think Isabella was your long lost third child (in fact her middle name is Nicole), with everything she does I know she must be part of that gang, lol. Good Luck!!