Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yes, this is what Brendan and I do all day

People always ask how I get things done--well I just find something to keep Brendan busy--LOL

Here he is sitting on my counter watching Friends. Yes, the tv show Friends. He really believes that's what's supposed to be on that DVD player. Every time he comes in my scrap room, he tells me "Want to watch Friends". Today we upgraded to Nemo and that kept him busy for a good solid stretch.

This is what he was doing while I was cleaning up from my class. Apparently the cupboard is THE place to play cars. He was in there with the doors closed until I opened them to take a picture. He's a funny little guy.

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Jane said...

OMG, what a cutie! My son used to go into the tupperward cupboard and close the door. And if there wasn't room for him...he'd pull it all out onto the floor and then climb in there! LOL.

Anyways, just stopping by to say "hi". I'm one of your SBS4 sisters. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artwork. Love the accordian albums you made. Looks like WAY too much work!