Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

In addition to trying to get packed up and plan a few more scrappin events before we leave, I also went on two field trips this week. Tuesday I joined Austin's kindergarten class on a trip up to Wrightwood, which for those of you not familiar with our area, is in the local mountains. Boy did we freeze! They told us to bring sweatshirts, but I should have brought a heavier jacket and layered--LOL! Not even the 1 mile hike warmed us up. It was fun though. The trail we were on actually runs from Mexico to Canada. While waking, we met a couple who were walking the whole way. They said it will take about 4 months--WOW!

We went on the hike, then went and talked to a firefighter who taught the kids fire safety and introduced us to Smokey Bear. Plus we heard from a sheriff who taught the kids what to do if lost in the woods (or anywhere). Always arm your kiddos with a trash bag, whistle and mirror! Great day :)

Then yesterday, I took Brendan over to the Fire Station for a tour. Our Mom's Group planned this and it was great! They let the kids climb up in the truck and spray the fire hose. Brendan loved it! I took tons more cute pictures, but I don't like to post pics of other people's kids onto the web, so I'll just share these.

I'm hoping to be back on later today to share some artwork. Yes, even with trying to pack, I'm squeezing in a little stamp time. I'm trying to finish up club projects for the next couple months so that I don't have to mail them. Plus, I'm hosting a crop Friday--crazy I know.

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Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

These are the times to treasure. Looks like everyone had fun!!!!!!