Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'd like to thank the academy...

I saw this award a few days ago on Kathi's site and I'm finally getting a chance to post it. First off, I'm honored that Kathi would be inspired by me, since I have to go to her blog everyday because seeing her artwork always makes my day a little better. She makes the most beautiful cards! According to Kathi, the art d pico (translated "art peak") began here. If your Spanish isn't any better than mine, I believe this link will translate the page for you.The rules, once you receive the award, appear on the original blog. The main requirement is to, in turn, award five people who inspire me.

Five people...hmmmm. There are way more than 5 people who inspire me--some of whom Kathi already named. Let's do this--just click on any of my links on the right under SBS4 or Blogs that Inspire Me (imagine that) and you will find gorgeous artwork--I guarantee it. My list of things I want to try or stamplift by far outweighs the number of hours in my day :) Thanks to all of you who blog and especially all of you who leave comments. It means so much!

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