Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unpacked my first box...

No, we didn't move early. I knew I couldn't survive with my scrap stuff packed up. I had packed as much as I could without breaking the zipper into my big rolling bag. That's the stuff I can play with until we unpack. Well today I dug into it because I wanted to make my sister a card because I FINALLY got her baby gift ready to send. SO I pull out some paper and start going through the stamp sets in the bag and NOT ONE SENTIMENT set. What was I thinking?! There is no way I'm going to be able to make cards for the next few months with no sentiments. So I dug through and found the box with my stamps and snagged a few. Good thing I labeled the boxes well :)

Anyway, I decided I'd save the card-making for tv time tonight. The two hour finale of Grey's is on tonight--I can't wait! Speaking of finales, can I just say that I am so happy David Cook won last night! I've been rooting for him all along. This is only the third time out of the 7 seasons that I've agreed with the winner (I also like Kelly C and Carrie Underwood, although I did like Bo Bice too, so I was torn that year).

While waiting on artwork, I'll share a fun little laugh with you.

This is why I scrapbook


Marcia said...

You're thinking ahead ... packing things into the tote. That's the kind of thing I would do. Mind you, my stamping room would probably be the last thing packed, because I would cry to not have access to it for even one day!

Your braver than me!

Seleise said...

wonderful cartoon! (and sooooooo true!)