Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few things to share

OK, camera is charged again--yea! First off, I hope everyone enjoyed National Scrapbook Day yesterday. I did NOT scrapbook. I kicked off the weekend with my CTMH open house on Friday. Had a lot of fun and got to visit with quite a few people that I hadn't seen in a while, so it was good. Only problem was my kids decided since Mommy was busy, they could get away with whatever they wanted. The biggest disaster was when they decided to throw cups of water all over the kitchen. Luckily, my friend Brandy caught them, but not before the kitchen was literally floor to ceiling water, with about a half inch on the floor. Oh no, that's not embarrassing. Mike arrived home and was able to shop vac it up, but not before some soaked into the cabinets. Ugh! Life with boys is definitely never boring.

Here's a few shots from my open house.

And here's my littlest munchkin looking all cute in cowboy boots that, believe it or not, were MINE when I was little. Too fun!

Back to yesterday. I didn't actually scrapbook, but I took the day to re-organize my albums. I had almost 50 layouts sitting here waiting to go into albums. I had run out of page protectors, so I decided to overhaul all the books. I managed to come up with enough to fit all my layouts with some left over. Turned out I had to split 2006 and 2007 into two each because I have way too many layouts.

What a satisfying thing to actually be able to sit and look through all my scrapbooks actually organized and up to date. It was a happy feeling and sitting there looking at pages from when my boys were babies reminded me of just why I love this hobby so much. It also made me realize that the bulk of our pictures are in the summertime.

And here's one last parting shot. This is what happens when you let your kids dress themselves--LOL! Don't ask.


Tickle Me Pink said...

Wow you were busy!! Your open house looks awesome! I bet it did great and it's not just boys!!! My girls do that kind of thing too X_x The pics of them are too cute though.

Jena said...

Great set-up, I hope it was successful for you! I have been slacking and have NOT planned my open house yet :-(

Seleise said...

ok first I have to comment on the dressing themselves outfit. I love it! And, it's great you got a picture of it! I year or two ago a friend of mine and I were running to Target. When I got in her car she said, he dressed himself. Her son was wearing his superman pajamas, complete with cape, cowboy boots and a halloween mask. He was prob. the best behaved that trip than any other time because he was happy as a clam. It was a hoot! The open house set up looks great and hope it went well for you!