Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Simple Thank You Cards

Here's three more cards I made last night. The lighting isn't great, but you get the idea. The first two cards, I added a little glitter to give them a little something extra.

I used more Twitterpated scraps for all three cards. For the first card, I used Butterfly Wings and Flower Pot (thanks) stamps. The second card used Card Chatter--Thank You and Treasures of the Heart (note that was one I got FREE as part of Jackpot June!). The third card used Flower Pot. I'm not sure I'm loving the checks. Maybe the flower pot was a bit much.

No creating today. I took the boys on adventure I'll soon be posting. I'm hoping to get the scrap room cleaned and maybe play a little tonight. We'll see.

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Sparkle said...

These are so pretty!