Sunday, April 20, 2008

Photo Challenge and Card fun

Here's my entry for Jenn's photo challenge. The prompt was "snooze" This picture just cracked me up because I came out and found these two like this. Austin was playing Wii and Brendan cuddled up next to him and zonked out. For those that are wondering, that is a Weinermobile they are sleeping on. Oddly enough I got it as a gift for my college graduation from one of my mom's friends. My sister and I got matching ones. One of the more funny gifts I received. My kids love it.

I couldn't resist one more. This is Brendan at Austin's birthday party. Poor kid was sick, so he spent most of it sleeping :(

On Friday, I opened up my mailbox to find this fabulous Riley card from Sparkle. Inside were a few more Riley images. Too fun. She sure knows how to brighten my day. And her creative cards are always so GORGEOUS! Thanks!

I hosted a crop Friday night and did a whole lot more gabbing than creating (no surprise there). I did get this Bella card made for my cousin Kimberly. It's a little late, since her birthday was on the 7th--oops :0 The papers and monogram are SEI. I did get a layout done too, but it needs a little more embellishing. I'll post it when I get it finished.

I know I promised some blog candy. I'm working on something fun, so stay tuned :)


Tammy said...

Gosh, hope Brendan is feeling better!!!!!


catt871 said...

Cute!! I love how they match the "weinermobile"!! I'd love to see a pic of the WHOLE Weinermobile....things like that crack me up!!!!

Lori said...

Love you photo with the weinermobile. I took the challenge, to see my post visit

Jenn said...

That is priceless! Thanks for playing along!

~KRISTY~ said...


Tickle Me Pink said...

Awww.... your pics are adorable! I love how sweet they look when they are sleeping ^_~. You bella card is wonderful! I love the colors and the big monogram. I hope you're having a wonderful week!