Thursday, April 3, 2008

Postage Vent

Ok, I just came from the post office and my total was $40! Can you believe that? What did I mail. A small box to Washington--$6, a book (media mail) $2.47, then I had two boxes. These weren't big boxes, nor were they very heavy. They contained exactly the same items, yet one was $8.95 and the other was $15.95. Apparently some "zones" are more expensive than others. Oh, then I bought stamps. But I couldn't believe $15 to mail a small box. The contents cost less than $15.

Ok, done venting. Going to clean up my scrap room so that maybe I can create something. I did make some really cute cards to go in the boxes I mailed, but was in too big of a hurry to get them out, so I didn't take pictures :(


Anonymous said...

I feel ya on the postage. Thats crazy that there would such a difference in price since there wasn't in weight. And unfortunately postage is going up again in May. :(

But your CTMH books are so cute!

Tammy said...

Gulp........ Postage is awful anymore. I send my best friend clothes that my boys have outgrown. There have been a few times I almost pulled the box I can't believe they are going to raise the postage again!!!


Erica said...

that stinks....did you look @ doing flat rate priority? so as long as you can fit it's one flat rate?

Seleise said...

I'm with ya - I spent a LOT of money on postage in March but it was worth it. :) I need to buy some more forever stamps before May! :)